Our Promise

In order to ever best ourselves in the service of our clients and to uphold the level of competitiveness of our proposals, our company offers a personalized delivery service. Because Centa has its own delivery fleet, we can offer the most swift, efficient and personalized delivery options possible with the assistance of our delivery associates. When placing an order at Centa, skilled operators will assist the client not only in choosing the most suitable products, but will also coordinate optimal conditions for the terms and scheduling of the delivery. A vast majority of our regular customers choose the free delivery option. You can find more information about delivery conditions below.

Free Delivery

The vast majority of our regular customers use our free delivery service. This free service is available to clients who have concluded a delivery agreement with “CENTA” SIA and have placed an order in the online store or by phone for a value of at least 30€.

The free delivery option is available everywhere on Latvia soil, but also in Estonia on the Riga-Pärnu-Tallinn axis and on the Riga-Tartu axis. For more detailed information, please contact our customer service.

If it is necessary to receive a shipment at a time where a delivery is not planned in your area or if your business is located outside the range of territories we regularly service, the fees will be calculated individually based on current rates for courier service.

Shipping Speeds

Delivery to Riga. The goods are delivered on the next business day after placing an order if it was made before 16.00. In cases where a quick delivery is of prime importance, please contact our customer service.

Delivery in Latvia. We deliver to all significant regional centers of Latvia periodically, based on a schedule that we forward to our regular customers well in advance. The delivery also occurs during business days.

Delivery to Estonia. Approximately two times per month, our company sends its delivery fleet to Estonia in the Riga-Pärnu-Tallinn axis as well as the Riga-Tartu axis. Our customer service informs our regular clients in advance of the shipping in these directions. The delivery is made during the working hours of the day, the schedule being matched with Estonian holidays.